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Physician Directed

Treating every patient like a member

of the FAMILY

Our Core Values
for patients
DO GOOD for doctors
DO GOOD for employees
DO GOOD for the community

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Physician Directed Partners Mission

Dedicated to the highest quality eye care delivered with LOVE, KINDNESS, and COMPASSION.

  • Physician Directed Partners ("PDP") encourages our physician partners to maintain ownership in the practice they founded.

  • PDP focuses on driving performance improvement, not cost cutting. We believe that a narrow focus on cost cutting only serves to reduce patient care.

  • PDP wants to be the physician’s partner for the long-term (10+ years).  

  • PDP leverages the newest technology to ensure premium patient outcomes and experience.

What Does Physician Directed Partners Provide as a Business Partner?
Specialized Support You Can Count On

Support System

Practice Accounting

Physician Directed Partners' finance team is responsible for the organization’s fiscal integrity and the clear reporting of our results. They will guide you and your team in setting goals that promote the success of your practice.


Our support team will provide compliance-related resources to ensure you and your team understand and act in accordance with outside regulatory requirements.

Marketing & IT

Our marketers are specially trained to understand the unique needs of an eye care practice. Together, we will develop a marketing strategy that fosters growth for your practice.

Our IT team will help you and your team stay on top of the latest technological advances related to your practice for the benefit of your patients.

Communication & HR

Our communications team will work closely with your office to establish a successful communication platform rooted in patient integration and schedule optimization.

Our human resources team will develop programs and tools that assist your employees in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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